Marc Blatstein’s New ideas for patent

Elevated TV Stand

See your TV at eye level without having to buy new furniture or damage your wall.

The Problem

According to Marc Blatstein, almost every TV stand available is a piece of furniture that you have to buy, or a bracket you have to mount on the wall, which is not conducive to a rented apartment or office.
A traditional furniture style TV stand only allows you to see the TV at desk height or below.
Just think,
– when you go to the movies, you sit back & your eye is looking slightly up, & now you too can have this same (or similar) viewing experience at home.
– Almost all wall mounted TV’s (anywhere you go, hotels, stores, businesses, doctors offices etc.) are all at standing eye level, and not at desk height, and this is for a reason!
– When you go into a department store to purchase a TV, where do they have their TV’s displayed? They are mostly all at or above eye level, and this is because this height position allows the best possible picture viewing and thus increases their sales, and we buy their TV’s!
Plus, most TV stand furniture is EXPENSIVE and takes up space!

The Solution per Marc Blatstein

This TV Stand is CHEAPER and takes up less space!
A- surface that supports the TV
B- Surface that can support a D.V.R., is connected to ‘A’ and has an option the ability to swivel
C, D, E-are telescoping supports that can each be 10-12″ in height. This allows the TV stand support to be used at varying heights (for example; 12″. 24″ or 36″ , or any height combination that works best).
Lastly, the number of telescoping supports can vary according to need and thus price. Pictured here is for table mount, but floor options (with the extra telescoping supports) can also be considered.
** Incorporated into this stand unit
1) Outlets (with surge protector option) for the electronics to plug into, along with the stand having its own plug, which can then be plugged into a wall outlet.
2) As D telescoped upwards, E has a secondary side wall can be pulled down thus creating a floor for storage. This action is then repeated with each elevation. Note: that my drawings do not demonstrate this intent best.
*An additional space saving benefit of this TV stand is noted below as new construction apartments size and availability around the world are both dwindling and getting smaller:
‘Mini-apartments are the next big thing in U.S. cities’