Texas Salon Goes From Mobile to Medical Mobile

Dr Marc Blatstein came across this article regarding a nail salon  that has made it a conscious effort to incorporate sterility into their daily routine. Texas Salon Goes From Mobile to Medical Mobile                       Salon SPAtaneity caught the eye of several local hospitals and was commissioned to perform services on patients before opening its stationary location […]

Marc Blatstein’s presentation to J&J on Ear Health

                                            Ear Brush Cleaner                                                              […]

How Tendonitis Forms in the Achilles Tendon, Marc Blatstein

How Tendonitis Forms in the Achilles Tendon, Marc Blatstein By Wilma White on January 07, 2013 Many people have heard of the Achilles tendon that is located at the back of the ankle joint. It feels like a large cord that attaches to the back part of your foot. Another interesting thing is that it […]

Marc Blatstein Reveals Connection Between Damage to Achilles Tendon and Speed of Diagnosis

New Research by Dr. Marc Blatstein Reveals Connection Between Damage to Achilles Tendon and Speed of Diagnosis Each year millions of Americans get tendonitis in their Achilles tendon, the range of severity is different for all, but the basic principles of recovery may apply to all. Resting does not mean lying around doing nothing as […]

Marc Blatstein’s Informative Foot Health Websites

    Dr. Marc Blatstein’s two new informative Websites People most likely see these injuries because they run and jump often, or they are not active enough and then start doing physical demanding activities, and they lose the elasticity in their tendon (PRWEB) April 07, 2013 Dr. Marc Blatstein is glad to announce the launch of […]

Dr. Marc Blatstein explains Marcus Camby recent foot injury

New York’s Camby Will Miss 2-4 Weeks With Foot Injury Marcus Camby was recently sidelined with a foot injury and is expected to miss 2-4 weeks. Dr. Marc Blatstein explains how common the injury is. His long years of running, jumping, and conditioning have played a vital role in his injury. (PRWEB) January 17, 2013 […]

Diabetic Footcare

According to what Marc Blatstein read in a recent article, “Despite much effort directed toward amputation prevention in the last decades, the incidence of lower-extremity amputation in people with diabetes continues to rise.” Amputations for diabetic patients doesn’t need to be on the rise and can easily be prevented. Patients need to practice preventive health […]

Free Foot Health Clinic in Dubai, Marc Blatstein

Marc Blatstein (Dr.) comments on this article: Children in Dubai will be getting free podiatry screenings this year, thanks to a group called the Dubai Podiatry Center. In an article posted on PRweb.com recently discussed the Center’s launch of it’s first annual Foot Health Campaign for Children. In the months of October and November, the […]

FootMate System- Marc Blatstein

Dr. Marc Blatstein came across an article on WND that talks about a great product called the FootMate System. his product came out in 1951 and has been helping many people ever since. The system “consists of expertly contoured brush bristles that stimulate, massage, clean, and condition your feet from a standing position. That means “no […]

Shoes that are comfortable aren’t always the best option

Dr Marc Blatstein  came across an interesting article today in the Washington Post. The article talks about comfortable shoes and how they might not be the best for you. You might think your super comfortable Clogs are providing you with all the necessary comfort, but you should think again. A study indicated that people with […]