Diabetic Footcare

Marc BlatsteinAccording to what Marc Blatstein read in a recent article, “Despite much effort directed toward amputation prevention in the last decades, the incidence of lower-extremity amputation in people with diabetes continues to rise.” Amputations for diabetic patients doesn’t need to be on the rise and can easily be prevented. Patients need to practice preventive health care and if they have a problem, they need to be on top of it and see a doctor immediately. “The American Diabetes Association says 85 percent of all diabetic amputations could be avoided.” 85% is such a high number!

The reasons diabetics are susceptible to these foot problems is because they have poor circulation and loss of sensation. If they have an injury or cut on their foot they sometimes won’t necessarily feel it. That’s why it becomes so important to monitor your feet and be cognizant of preventative measures. Minor things to most people like an ingrown toe nail or callus can actually be very harmful to someone with diabetes. 60% of diabetics have neuropathypaint -peripheral neuropathy - Copy - Copy and many don’t even know that they have it.

There are many simple measures that can be done to keep your feet healthy. People with diabetes should be very careful when walking around barefoot, they should also dry there feet completely and apply lotion to keep moisture sealed in. You should also use a mirror to check your feet everyday. The mirror allows you to be able to see every part of your foot so nothing goes unchecked our unnoticed. Another great preventive measure is to wear shoes that fit well. A helpful trick is to buy shoes at the end of the day when your feet are most swollen – this will give you a more proper fit. Custom made shoes and inserts are also another way to get the most optimal size and fit as well.