Diabetic Footcare

According to what Marc Blatstein read in a recent article, “Despite much effort directed toward amputation prevention in the last decades, the incidence of lower-extremity amputation in people with diabetes continues to rise.” Amputations for diabetic patients doesn’t need to be on the rise and can easily be prevented. Patients need to practice preventive health […]

Keeping Your Feet Healthy With Diabetes

Diabetics have long suffered from foot problems. An article from National Diabetes Clearing House talks about the foot problems that most diabetics will encounter at times. Dr Marc Blatstein tells us that a common problem that some people have is nerve damage. As nerves become damaged in your feet, you might not be able to […]

Diabetes Leads to 2,000 Amputations In Canada, by Marc Blatstein

According to Dr. Marc Blatstein , a startling report came out recently that stated over 2,000 amputations took place in Canada due to diabetic complications. It is frustrating that this number is so high because a lot of these incidents can be avoided. “It’s depressing that the number continues to be high and it’s particularly discouraging […]