Diabetes Prevention,Marc Blatstein

Per Dr Marc Blatstein, Diabetes can take a huge tole on people and their feet. In certain instances it can even lead to amputation.

What many people don’t realize as diabetic patients is the fact that they don’t have the best feeling in their feet. They don’t have as many nerve endings. This can be a huge issue if not regularly checked. For example, if you had a cut on your foot and you had no idea, the wound can become infected and spread into the bloodstream. In extreme cases, doctors could have no other choice but to remove toes and even feet. In Canada alone there were more than 2,000 amputations. It is mind boggling how many occur each year. The good news is that these amputations can be prevented.

In order to keep amputations at bay, Marc Blatstein comments that doctors must educate their patients about diabetes as an illness. Patients need to know that their nerve endings can become inhibited, especially in the feet. It is important to check your feet daily for any sores or cuts that could have occurred. Shoes are also important to consider as well as socks. It is necessary when wearing shoes to also have proper socks to prevent blisters.

Taking care of your body is crucial when it comes to diabetes. Not only is important to maintain a healthy non sugary diet, it’s also necessary to check your feet. Make it a habit each day before you take a shower to do a proper inspection. It won’t take more than five minutes. That amount of time each day can be a huge factor for your health so you should take it seriously!

If you’d like to find out more information, check out the video below.