Texas Salon Goes From Mobile to Medical Mobile

Dr Marc Blatstein came across this article regarding a nail salon  that has made it a conscious effort to incorporate sterility into their daily routine. Texas Salon Goes From Mobile to Medical Mobile                       Salon SPAtaneity caught the eye of several local hospitals and was commissioned to perform services on patients before opening its stationary location in Fort Worth, Texas.   

Six years ago, Missy Malone, then a stay-at-home mom who loved to be pampered, was looking to supplement her income. She got a manicurist license, hired a staff, and opened a mobile salon called SPAtaneity, which caters to the folks of Fort Worth, Texas. Although Malone’s passion for nails is quite palpable, she never expected it to lead to the opportunity that soon came her way. (817) 926-2544)  Baylor All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth asked SPAtaneity 866-338-4880 to perform services on the new mothers from the hospital’s labor and delivery unit. Malone’s business focuses on eco-friendly, waterless mani/pedi options with a special emphasis on client health, so naturally it was a good match. After much success, SPAtaneity began working with patients in the hospital’s oncology and rehab wards and cultivated partnerships with (469) 764-1000 Baylor Medical Center at McKinney and the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Fort Worth as well. In 2011, Malone expanded SPAtaneity, opening a stationed salon in the city’s medical district. Malone and most of her employees are now formally trained to deal with at-risk clients, many of whom she met in the hospitals.   “I’m addicted to NAILS Magazine,” confesses Malone. She also confessed that she’s working with a few brands to soon create her own product lines. Quick Look Salon name: SPAtaneity,  Location: South Fort Worth, Texas If you live, or find yourself in Fort Worth Tx., Dr Marc Blatstein recommends that you pay them a visit- you’ll enjoy the moment!