Diabetic Footcare

According to what Marc Blatstein read in a recent article, “Despite much effort directed toward amputation prevention in the last decades, the incidence of lower-extremity amputation in people with diabetes continues to rise.” Amputations for diabetic patients doesn’t need to be on the rise and can easily be prevented. Patients need to practice preventive health […]

Free Foot Health Clinic in Dubai, Marc Blatstein

Marc Blatstein (Dr.) comments on this article: Children in Dubai will be getting free podiatry screenings this year, thanks to a group called the Dubai Podiatry Center. In an article posted on PRweb.com recently discussed the Center’s launch of it’s first annual Foot Health Campaign for Children. In the months of October and November, the […]

Hockey Players in High-Tech Socks

A few years ago when some companies stopped making knit socks for hockey players and switched to a thinner performance material, there was buzz about the new socks being less safe.  The knit socks seemed to protect players from nicks and cuts from opponents’ skates fairly well, but the new material seemed too thin to […]

Are you experiencing numbness on the top of your foot?

Don’t jump to conclusions too quickly if you are experiencing numbness on the top of your feet. It is isn’t anything you should be worrying about. According to a recent article in the NY Daily News, the Running Doc discusses what is contributing to that numbness and it turns out it is most likely how […]