Free Foot Health Clinic in Dubai, Marc Blatstein

Marc Blatstein (Dr.) comments on this article: Children in Dubai will be getting free podiatry screenings this year, thanks to a group called the Dubai Podiatry Center.Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 5.48.20 PM

In an article posted on recently discussed the Center’s launch of it’s first annual Foot Health Campaign for Children. In the months of October and November, the center will conduct free screening for children to identify any early or developing foot and leg issues, all of which Dr. Marc Blatstein agrees, provides the children information on the proper use of footwear, and teach them how to easily examine their feet for issues in the future. The screening will examine children’s feet for nail care, fungal infections, warts, and proper alignment of the ankle and foot, the article said.

The Center is providing a crucial service, the author argues, in helping children prevent problems that can arise from wearing improper footwear, teaching them the right techniques to trim toenails and promote hygiene, which in turn can help them avoid vicious infections like verrucas and fungi. These types of infections, particularly verrucas, are very prevalent in areas with high outdoor temperatures like Dubai, and with a large number of children participating barefoot in many outdoor activities, the article states that it’s very easy for these ailments to thrive.

The article goes on to say that the screening clinics will be offered on school campuses for young children, run by trained podiatrists, and will provide participants reports and suggestions on how to go about dealing with any discovered problems.

Michelle Champlin is the Dubai Podiatry Center’s Chief Podiatrist, which, according to the article, is the only firm in the Middle East which focuses strictly on foot, ankle, and leg practices. They are also the only ones who manufacture their orthotics based on individual need, avoiding one-size-fits-all solutions.

“Unfortunately we do occasionally see new patients coming to see us who are disappointed that their foot or ankle problem has not been addressed or corrected by an insole… that has been bought over a counter or from somewhere not specializing and qualified in podiatry.” Champlin told reporters. “Our Podiatrists make our orthotics in our lab with their own hands, from a mold of the child’s feet and to their unique prescription. Each child’s feet are different and must be treated as such.”