Are you experiencing numbness on the top of your foot?

Marc BlatsteinDon’t jump to conclusions too quickly if you are experiencing numbness on the top of your feet. It is isn’t anything you should be worrying about.

According to a recent article in the NY Daily News, the Running Doc discusses what is contributing to that numbness and it turns out it is most likely how you have your shoes tied. Another factor could be the fact that the shoes are too big for you and you’re over compensating by tying them too tight.

The tongue of your shoe, when tied to tight, will press down on the top of your foot and cause discomfort. The top of your foot has an impinging nerve and as you run, it becomes inflamed overtime. After your run, to help with the pain you should ice your foot and elevate it.

If this continues to happen, then your running shoes might not be fitting properly. In order to make the shoes fit, you are probably tying your shoes too tight. Did you get the shoes fitted at the end of the day when your feet are most swollen? Did you get the right size? Do you use orthotics and did you consider these when you purchased your sneakers? There are a number of questions you need to consider to see if the shoes were accurately measured and fitted to your bodies satisfaction.

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