Shoes that are comfortable aren’t always the best option

Marc BlatsteinDr Marc Blatstein  came across an interesting article today in the Washington Post. The article talks about comfortable shoes and how they might not be the best for you.

You might think your super comfortable Clogs are providing you with all the necessary comfort, but you should think again. A study indicated that people with “osteoarthritis of the knee found that walking in clogs and so-called stability shoes was harder on the knees than walking barefoot or in flip-flops. This suggests that certain supportive shoes can alter your gait in a way that’s unhealthy for joints above the ankle, at least temporarily and in people with arthritis.”

Shoes that are truly great for your feet should provide support and comfort. You should know what kind of a foot type you have and how you walk. These factors can play in to which shoes should and shouldn’t be good for you. Shoe manufacturers aren’t always thinking about everyone’s shoe type. Most companies are trying to cast a wide net to provide for everyone, but  shoe 1


your foot type is only so specific to you. Regarding heels; I’ll leave these open for comment, as I found them online. Remember, that you may have to wear them all day!!

shoe 2





Before buying shoes, take the time to wear them around the store. Some people jump to ordering online, but why not find the shoe in stores and see if it actually is a good fit for you? We tend to want things so quickly, that we don’t take the time to see if they are ideal.

Shoes are important to your physical well being. Choices you make now could impact you in the future.