FootMate System- Marc Blatstein

Dr. Marc Blatstein came across an article on WND┬áthat talks about a great product called the FootMate System. footMate Syshis product came out in 1951 and has been helping many people ever since. The system “consists of expertly contoured brush bristles that stimulate, massage, clean, and condition your feet from a standing position. That means “no more awkward or unsafe stooping or bending over in the shower to reach your feet with your hands.”

Many people suffer from feet that are tired, aching, and just need a deep clean in general. The FootMate System continues to deliver on all fronts and is very affordable at only $50.

If you happen to suffer from diabetes, you can definitely relate to the importance of having clean feet. Many diabetics need to constantly monitor and clean their feet each day because they don’t have enough circulation or feeling in their feet. Because of this per Dr Blatstein, if they were to have a cut on their foot, it could go undetected and might become a big issue that could lead to an amputation. Diabetic patients would greatly benefit from products that are geared towards the diabetic and their general hygiene (similar to the FootMate System) as it appears to promote healthier feet along with Foot reflexologyincreased blood flow circulation, in addition to massaging the reflexology sites.